She’s Showing You A Hack For Making Braids Without A Hair Tie

okskukuruza - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Every person with long hair knows that it’s usually necessary to have some sort of clip or elastic band on hand if you want to keep your tresses out of your face or to sport the latest cute hairstyle you’ve seen online. However, you don’t always have to rely on a bunch of hair ties to keep your hair perfectly in place.

TikToker Kennedy (@_kennedylyons) is demonstrating how she styles her locks into a triple-braided ponytail. The braids don’t require any hair ties. The only hair tie you’ll need will be for the ponytail itself.

Kennedy started her tutorial by brushing the knots out of her hair and applying a styling cream to make it look more sleek.

Next, she gathered all her hair into a ponytail. Depending on your preferences, you can create either a high or low ponytail.

After making your ponytail, divide your hair into three sections to create three different braids. Grab one section and start braiding.

As you are braiding, the lower half of your hair will start twisting itself into a braid. Usually, you might detangle the strands, but in this case, you should refrain from doing so. Instead, allow the braid at the bottom half of your hair to form.

Once the braid nears the end of your hair, loop the end through the hole in the center of your braid and tighten it. Repeat the process with the other two sections of your hair, douse with hairspray, and you’re done!

You can recreate the hairstyle with as many or as few braids as you want—it doesn’t have to be three.

Or, if you want to rid the look of hair ties altogether, skip the step of putting your hair into a ponytail. This hack will work with loose hair, too.

okskukuruza – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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