These Are Five Of The Easiest Medicinal Herbs To Grow, Saving You Money And Offering A Variety Of Health And Wellness Benefits

chamillew - illustrative purposes only

Nowadays, we get to experience the wonder that is modern medicine. Still, the use of herbal medicine continues to stay relevant. According to the World Health Organization, 75 percent of people in the world currently use herbal remedies to treat basic health needs.

Home remedies made from plants are great to have in a time of need. Not only can making and using your own medicine save you money, but it can also be an empowering way to take ownership of your health and wellness.

You can grow medicinal herbs in your garden and create your very own pharmacy right at home! Here are five of the easiest plants you should be growing now.


Chamomile is a must-have for any herb garden. It is widely recognized for its use as a tea to promote sleep and ease nervousness. It is described to have a wonderfully sweet flavor with a hint of apple.

The herb grows small white and yellow blossoms that are harvested for tea. Plant chamomile seeds in the spring after the last frost. Chamomile prefers cooler conditions. It’s also drought-tolerant but go easy on the fertilizer. Too much can cause the plant to bloom fewer flowers.


Peppermint can help with all kinds of minor ailments. It’s good for treating nausea, upset stomachs, and headaches. Plus, you can use it for cooking to dress up a dish!

This herb grows best in partial shade and needs to be watered frequently. Be wary of planting it next to other crops, as peppermint can easily take over and spread in your garden. You can control its growth by placing it in a container instead of in the ground.

chamillew – illustrative purposes only

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