A 71-Year-Old Wedding DJ Took The Internet By Storm After Wholesome Footage Of Him Playing Music Using Only His Massive CD Collection Went Viral

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Weddings these days can be very modern and high-tech, but sometimes, it’s best to keep things old school. 

One woman recently posted a viral video of an iconic wedding reception DJ who is 71 years old and plays music from his massive CD collection.

“Went to a wedding, and they had the cutest DJ who used his CD collection for all the music,” wrote Miranda Dolph in the text of her TikTok video, which has received over nine million views since it was posted at the beginning of October.

The wholesome yet super cool DJ posted in Miranda’s video was Brian Phoenix, a Maine-based event DJ who’s been using his CD collection and laptop to work at weddings for over 40 years.

Brian works with The Music Man DJ Service, and according to his introductory video on their website, he has experience working on the radio and can please crowds of all ages. 

“I know what the grandparents like, I know what the kids like, [and] I know what the 40-year-olds like, only because having been on the radio for all that time, I know the music inside and out,” says Brian.

After Miranda’s first video of Brian went viral, she posted a follow-up video of his profile on The Music Man DJ Service’s website, and now a lot of people are interested in having him DJ their weddings, as his approach to being a DJ seems very wholesome and knowledgeable.

A few weeks later, Brian sent a video message to Miranda for her to post as a ‘thank you’ to those who showed him support in the comments of her videos. He also had an inspiring message for anyone getting up there in age who worries about being judged for continuing to do what they love.

“I feel 71; I feel I’m as young as I can be,” says Brian.

Jakub – – illustrative purposes only

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