He Owns A Game Store And Allowed Someone To Bring Their Child To A Game Night, But Some Of His Other Customers Were Annoyed

pololia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While there is a solid list of events that many people believe should be “child-free,” every once in a while, a very well-behaved, mature kid comes around that can be considered an exception to that rule.

One game store owner had upset some of his customers after allowing one of them to bring her well-behaved young daughter to his weekly board game nights in his store when they assumed those nights were “child-free.”

He’s 35 and owns a game store. Three nights a week, he hosts board game nights where people often show up to play Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) and other games in his store. He sets up a few tables and offers his customers a kitchen area so they can bring snacks and enjoy some drinks while they play.

He’s had a group of customers show up to his board game nights pretty regularly. A few months ago, a customer walked in with her 10-year-old daughter named Emma.

“According to her mother, Emma had been spending months making all kinds of materials for playing DnD but didn’t know anyone who would play with her,” he said.

“So, her mother wondered if it was okay for her to ask at my store if anyone would be willing to play. The regular group was more than happy to join in for a session, and it ended up going so well.”

Emma was so talented and experienced with the game that his regular game-night customers invited her to play with them routinely. As the months have gone by, Emma’s been showing up to board game night twice a week and has a lot of fun with the one group.

However, unfortunately, not all his customers are cool with having Emma around during these game nights.

“A few other people have started complaining about there being a child on game nights, saying the reason they’re playing here is because they have children at home,” he recalled.

pololia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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