Her Husband Cried As He Gave Her An Ultimatum: Open Up Their Marriage So He Can Sleep With Other Women, Or They Can Get Divorced

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For the last 9 years, this 33-year-old woman and her 38-year-old husband have been together. After getting married six years ago, they went on to have two sons, who are three and four.

She would characterize the relationship she has with her husband as caring and patient, although, of course, they experience ups and downs as any couple does.

She and her husband share the same views on raising their sons, and her family loves her husband so much.

“A little bit about our marriage: I stopped working when I became pregnant with our first son and never went back to work because we haven’t needed it,” she explained.

“My husband makes 400k working from home with a very flexible schedule. I tend to do more of the childcare since I don’t work, but honestly, not that much more.”

“He loves spending time with our children, has a rather intense personality when it comes to organization (so he’s very pro cleaning), and one of his greatest passions [along with our physical relationship] is cooking, so he plans and cooks more than half of our meals.”

Prior to her getting pregnant, their life in the bedroom was on fire. They both were fully aware that becoming parents would change this, but they never figured it would be a big issue for them.

Post-pregnancy, her husband was sympathetic to her not really ever being in the mood, and he gave her plenty of space.

She figured her husband was happy with them sporadically making time for just the two of them and that his needs were being met on some level.

Photo 76284423 © Vadymvdrobot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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