Her Husband Is Pressuring Her To Give Her Family Heirloom Emerald Necklace To Her Stepdaughter As A Christmas Gift

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Four years ago, this 35-year-old woman started dating her 36-year-old husband named Joey, and two years ago, they tied the knot.

She has a 13-year-old daughter named Emily from a prior relationship, and Joey has a 14-year-old daughter named Sophia from his previous marriage.

“My family has a family tradition of giving an emerald necklace that’s passed down from a mother to their eldest daughter or son on their 14th birthday,” she explained.

“Joey has known this since we first began dating and that I plan to give it to Emily. We’ve been discussing Christmas gifts recently, and Joey brought up the necklace.”

“He said it would be nice for Sophia to receive the necklace since it would show her that I truly accepted Sophia as my daughter, and it’s, in Sophia’s words, “Gorgeous.”

She is not thrilled with entertaining this idea at all, as Emily knows about their family tradition surrounding the necklace, and Emily is waiting for the necklace to be given to her.

Emily’s 14th birthday is in January, which is just a few short months away, and she pointed this out to Joey.

Well, as soon as she told Joey that she was planning on giving the heirloom necklace to Emily, he began accusing her of being selfish before insisting she could buy Emily a different emerald necklace online.

“I told him that simply wasn’t happening, and that necklace was going to my daughter whether he liked it or not,” she said.

hitdelight – – illustrative purposes only

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