His Girlfriend Fell In Love With A Married Coworker, So He’s Thinking He Should Tell This Guy’s Wife About The Affair

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Earlier this month, this 30-year-old man’s 26-year-old girlfriend shared some horrifying news with him.

His girlfriend confessed that she fell in love with her male coworker, and she revealed this to him right after he began noticing that she was being distant.

It was super hurtful for him to listen to her say this, but since he’s so in love with her, he found it in his heart to be thankful that she respected him enough to be honest about the situation.

“She said that somewhere inside, she still felt like she loved me but that she was very confused and needed time to explore this,” he explained.

“We remained close and have tried to maintain a somewhat healthy distance in friendship. Come to find out that this man is actually a husband and a father who is in a ‘loveless marriage.’ I know this only because she is very transparent with me when I ask questions.”

“This shook me to my core because I never once thought this was something she’d engage in. She almost feels unrecognizable to me with how little she regards the mother of this man’s children.”

He knows it was ridiculous for him to continue to give her the benefit of the doubt, and he excused her behavior by insisting she had to be in an awful place.

He couldn’t imagine his girlfriend engaging in an affair with a married man “under normal circumstances,” and he felt so confused.

His girlfriend promised things never got physical with her married coworker and that they just talked about being in love, cuddled, and exchanged steamy photos.

Photo 93081205 © Fsstock – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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