Ladybugs May Be A Symbol Of Good Luck, But An Infestation Is A Cause For Concern, So Here’s How To Protect Your Home

Visual Intermezzo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual ladybug

Of all the bugs out there, ladybugs are probably one of the cutest. They are a widespread symbol of good luck, so people love to count the tiny beetle’s black spots when one lands on them.

While seeing ladybugs outdoors is exciting as well as beneficial to your garden, it’s quite a different story if they’ve made their way into your home.

When winter arrives, ladybugs enter a state called diapause. What happens during diapause is that they will search for a safe, warm place to hibernate in.

The insects tend to gather together in masses. Once a suitable shelter has been found, they will communicate with other ladybugs by secreting pheromones to lead them to the site.

They will burrow into crevices within tree bark, hollow logs, and your house. If you find one ladybug in your home, there are probably many more nearby. Here’s how to deal with a ladybug infestation and send the pests packing.

Before winter hits, take some preventive measures to protect your home from being invaded by ladybugs in the first place.

Your house may have small cracks or holes along your doorways and windowsills that the little critters will love. Gaps underneath doors also provide an easy entry point for ladybugs.

If you don’t seal or repair these places, you will likely see more of them as the weather continues to turn cooler. So, inspect your home for any spaces that ladybugs might want to squeeze into and patch those spots up.

Also, if you have plants outdoors that you bring inside when the cold comes, make sure to check them for ladybugs.

Visual Intermezzo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual ladybug

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