She Made Drastic Life Changes And Started Behaving Differently Before Mysteriously Vanishing In 2014, And Foul Play Is Suspected In Her Disappearance

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It’s scary enough when a loved one goes through a sudden change in behavior. It’s even more frightening when they vanish afterward.

Sheila Morton, the 33-year-old mother of a three-year-old boy, worried her family members as she went through a drastic life change and mysteriously disappeared in 2014.

Her loved ones knew Sheila as a caring and loving woman and mother. She lived in Center, a city in Texas, and was the mother of a three-year-old boy she had with her ex-boyfriend.

Before Sheila tragically disappeared, her loved ones had grown concerned for her, as she had made drastic choices and undergone behavioral changes.

She allegedly quit her restaurant job, which she had been working for seven years, rather unexpectedly weeks before she vanished.
Sheila had also allegedly moved to a new home and began hanging out with an old group of friends.

The last time Sheila was seen was June 2nd, 2014. That night, she was temporarily staying with her son at her ex-boyfriend’s home.

Her ex claimed she was heavily drinking that day and wanted to drive away with their son that night. He refused to let Sheila take him and took their son inside the house.

Sheila wasn’t seen again. She left her purse and keys in the driveway but had her phone and wallet with her.

However, her phone was allegedly shut off since she left her ex’s home. Her ex suspects someone may have picked her up after their argument.

Paolo Gallo – – illustrative purposes only

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