She Vanished In 2023 After Leaving Her Boyfriend’s Home Late At Night, And The Clothing She Was Last Seen Wearing Was Later Found On The Side Of The Road

Facebook - pictured above is Danielle

Born on June 1, 1987, Danielle Croft is from Honey Grove, Texas. But, by the tail end of 2023, she was living in Bonham, Texas, with her grandmother.

The 36-year-old is a mother of three – two sons and one daughter – who live with their biological father and stepmother. While Danielle had previously worked at a local dollar store as a cashier, she quit her job due to a problem with a hernia located on her back.

Still, she did have a boyfriend, and on December 7, 2023, she visited his home – which was located in the 300 block of Gate Street in Bonham. Yet, after she was last seen leaving her boyfriend’s residence at about 3:00 a.m., Danielle was never seen or heard from again.

Apparently, she was supposed to return to her grandmother’s home – which was located only a few blocks away – after leaving her boyfriend’s house. However, Danielle never arrived, and her family ultimately contacted the Bonham Police Department to file a missing person report when she didn’t return home.

Upon launching an investigation, it was discovered that Danielle had left behind some personal belongings – including her identification, wallet, and medications – in a bag at her boyfriend’s home. Her cell phone, on the other hand, was reportedly turned off and unable to be located.

Additionally, the clothing Danielle was last seen wearing was subsequently found on the side of the road in Bonham near Gates Street and Main Street.

According to Danielle’s sister, Kendall Smith, her boyfriend did cooperate with the investigation.

“The boyfriend that she was last seen with has been incredibly forthcoming and helpful and patient with us and following with the police and even let us search the house, but we are uncertain of her other acquaintances,” Kendall said.

Danielle’s loved ones are particularly concerned about her well-being since she suffers from seizures and has cerebral palsy. Additionally, they worry that Danielle may have had drugs in her system.

Facebook – pictured above is Danielle

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