She Asked Her Husband For A Gold Necklace For Her Birthday, And He Bought Her A 50 Million-Year-Old Fish Fossil Instead, So Now She Wants To Just Gift Herself The Necklace, But She Doesn’t Want To Hurt His Feelings

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This woman is married, and she just had a big milestone birthday– turning 50-years-old. So, for her gift, she was hoping that her husband would buy her a gold necklace.

She specifically asked him for this present, too, since she doesn’t have a lot of jewelry. She also knew that when it came to money, buying a present like that wouldn’t be a problem for her husband, either.

“I wanted a nice gold pendant that I could wear with the gold earrings I recently acquired,” she recalled.

Now, she didn’t tell her husband a specific gold necklace to buy, but she did give him some “parameters.” More specifically, she showed him some examples of similar jewelry that she liked.

Nonetheless, when it came time to open her gift on her birthday, she was shocked at what her husband had given her.

“He got me a fossil fish,” she revealed.

Apparently, the fossil is a stone slab that’s about ten inches wide containing a 50 million-year-old fish, which she admitted was “beautifully preserved.” And while she thinks the fossil was really lovely, it’s still just a fossil fish.

“And I’m sure it was very expensive, but it’s my fiftieth birthday, and I really wanted a gold necklace,” she said.

According to her husband, he opted not to get her what she had asked for because he wasn’t sure if he would pick out a necklace that she liked. And she understands where he’s coming from.

bluehand – – illustrative purposes only

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