Strong-Willed Children Are Independent And Determined, But Parenting Them Can Be A Challenge: Here’s How To Handle These Kinds Of Kiddos And Get Them To Listen Without Snapping At Them

“This works! I’ve been doing this for a while before I saw this but it almost distracts them from the power struggle and gets them thinking,” commented one user.

“Nope won’t work with my kids. They would merely reply by saying, ‘Yeah it’s an old toy we can just let the dogs chew them & buy new ones,'” shared another.

“That is exactly what I do. My child and I are both strong willed and that technique is the only one that works wonderfully in my house,” stated a third.

So, go ahead and try out Rachael’s parenting tip! Who knows? Maybe your kid will end up being the president one day.


Will you try this one out? #parentingwithunderstanding #gentleparenting #respectfulparenting

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