Vole-Proof Your Garden And Defend Your Blooms With These Tips For Keeping The Critters Away

S.R.Miller - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual vole

Voles are little rodents that look like a cross between a mouse and a mole. But while they might seem cute, don’t be fooled– these critters are garden wreckers.

Unlike moles that mainly feed on insects and grubs, voles have a more expansive diet.

They love munching on your plant roots, bulbs, and even bark if given a chance. Oh, and did we mention they reproduce quickly? One vole today could mean a whole family tomorrow.

That’s why it’s best to deal with these critters as soon as possible to keep them from wreaking havoc on your garden.

Why Voles Are Bad News For Your Garden

You’ve probably spent weeks planting, watering, and nurturing your garden. The last thing you want is a little creature sabotaging all that hard work.

Voles go for the roots, effectively killing your plants from the ground up. Whether it’s your beautiful flowers or your homegrown veggies, voles aren’t picky eaters.

Plus, they dig runways through your lawn, leaving an unsightly maze of dead grass and upturned soil. So, if you’re growing crops, voles can be a financial hit, too.

Your First Line Of Defense Is Always Fencing

S.R.Miller – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual vole

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