He’s Been Purposely Excluding A Friend Whenever He Goes Out Because His Friend Is Too Attractive And Makes It Tough To “Get Girls”

ysbrandcosijn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man claims that he and most of his friends are “normal looking” guys, and they have normal jobs. However, he met one friend named Ryan in college, and he feels that Ryan is on a different level of attractiveness.

Apparently, they first met after he tutored Ryan in physics, and he realized from the start that his friend was both attractive and fairly rich.

“Ryan literally looks like he could be in the next Thor movie. I thought guys like Ryan only existed in romance novels,” he said.

And while he volunteers at a suicide hotline, Ryan volunteers with the homeless and at animal shelters. So, aside from their different appearances, he claimed that girls also tend to care more about the causes that Ryan helps out.

“Ryan is also so rich that he can literally do whatever he wants to. Ryan went to Antarctica just because he could,” he added.

So, he and his friends used to invite Ryan out with them all the time. However, they quickly noticed how girls always seemed to flock to Ryan instead of them.

He claimed that this “cramped their style,” which is why they stopped inviting Ryan out when they tried to “get girls.”

He clarified that he and his friends never exclude Ryan on any other occasions. It’s only when they’re specifically trying to find women and score dates.

“Because girls don’t pay attention to any of us otherwise,” he admitted.

ysbrandcosijn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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