If You Want To Get Married But Don’t Want A Large, Traditional Wedding, Her Are Some Fun Ways To Embrace A Small One

Don’t underestimate a courthouse wedding.

Some local courthouses and city halls are beautiful and a great place to get hitched. Some people associate courthouse weddings with rushed marriages that aren’t taken seriously, but that’s far from the truth! 

Saying “I do” at your local city hall or courthouse is a beautiful way to make your marriage ceremony about you and your partner only. Once you’re finished, you can choose how you want to spend the rest of your day, whether it be a night on the town with friends or a quiet evening at home.

Serve easy food and drinks.

If you still want a reception with dancing, music, and fun, don’t feel pressured to spend a ton of money on catered food or an open bar. Find some more accessible food options, like hiring a local food truck and getting cases of your favorite kinds of drinks.

Not everyone needs to be served an expensive cut of meat or very pricey champagne at your wedding. Do what works best for you and your budget!

Downsize your guest list.

As nice as it would be to invite tons of friends and family to your wedding, big guest lists can be extremely expensive. The key to having a small wedding is downsizing your guest list. Sure, it may be nice to see your mom’s second cousin, whom you usually only see once a year at your wedding, but for the sake of your wallet, perhaps it would be better to plan a separate visit with them instead.

Prioritize the people closest to you and those who have been a big part of your and your partner’s journey as a couple. 

With these ideas in mind, hopefully, you will feel inspired to plan the small wedding of your dreams. No matter what happens, just remember to savor every moment with your future spouse!

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