Meet Cookie: An Adorable Stray That Gained A New Family After A Couple Vacationing In Mexico Found Her And Brought Her Back To America

Kate - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

One of my favorite kinds of heartwarming stories is dog rescue stories. People have found their “soulmate” level pets in the strangest situations, and the story of Cookie and her parents is nothing short of amazing.

One TikTok creator recently posted a slideshow about how she and her partner brought their dog Cookie into her family.

Shealyn Brooks (@sheabroo) was on vacation in Mexico with her partner Hugo when they stumbled upon an adorable black and white dog on the beach. After greeting her, the dog followed them up a hill back to their Airbnb.

Shealyn and Hugo asked around the neighborhood if she had an owner nearby, and they found out she didn’t have an owner.

They also noticed she was covered in fleas, so they brought her inside to give her a decent bath and let her spend the night with them. That night, the only food they had in the AirBnB to give her was a few cookies.

“So, we named her Cookie,” recalls Shealyn. “We said she could stay one night, and that’s it, but she stuck around.”

The pictures of Cookie, Shealyn, and Hugo are absolutely adorable, as if the second she entered their Airbnb, it was like she was home.

Shealyn then explains that she was ready to take Cookie back home to America with them right then and there, but Hugo was hesitant since they already had three dogs waiting for them at home.

One day, they went out to eat at a restaurant, and Cookie followed, but the staff told them no dogs were allowed inside.

Kate – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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