Quit Feeling Overwhelmed And Transform Your Home By Adding “Closing Shifts” To Your Day-To-Day Routine, Tidying Up Before Bed Every Night To Maintain A Clean Space

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you heard that piece of advice that you should take ten to thirty minutes every day to tidy your home or bedroom?

Well, I’m sure many of us can agree that doing that sounds a lot easier than it is. Sometimes, when you’ve had a busy, hectic day or feel a bit blue and overwhelmed, taking a few minutes to tidy up your place seems like too big of a quest.

However, this latest wellness and organizational trend can help you change your mindset surrounding daily cleaning and may help you keep your space tidier through a small task. It’s a little life hack that’s gone viral on the tidiest corner of TikTok, ‘CleanTok,’ and it’s a game changer.

Every evening, before you start your bedtime routine, start treating your home like a workspace where you need to perform the ‘closing shift.’ Yup, you heard that right; you’re on the closing shift.

For your at-home closing shift, think of all the little tasks that should be done every night before you mentally and physically “close up shop” for the day.

This could include putting dishes away and in the dishwasher, wiping down your counters, putting away your kids’ or dogs’ toys, making your bed, locking your doors, and sweeping your kitchen floor.

Keep in mind that these aren’t big tasks or chores that would take you all night. The point of doing tiny tasks during your nightly “closing shift” is to tackle little things and keep you from getting overwhelmed.

You can decide how long you want your closing shift to be every night, ranging from ten minutes to 30 minutes.

Another goal should be to use your closing shift as an opportunity to wind down and get cozy for the night, not overworked and burnt out. Hence, why tackling small tasks during your closing shift is key.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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