Quit Feeling Overwhelmed And Transform Your Home By Adding “Closing Shifts” To Your Day-To-Day Routine, Tidying Up Before Bed Every Night To Maintain A Clean Space

You can tackle bigger, more extensive chores like dusting your tallest bookshelf and organizing your closet at a different time on a designated day. The closing shift is for doing those little chores that will make a big impact the next day.

For instance, don’t you love waking up to a clean kitchen with no dishes in the sink because you took those extra ten minutes to fill up the dishwasher the night before?

You also don’t have to start with an immaculate house to perform your closing shift each night. Again, these little chores will go a long way, so don’t worry if you still have more to do in the upcoming days. Just finish your small closing shift duties before bed, and you’ll thank yourself the next day.

Then, as you do this over time, you’ll notice that your space will stay much tidier for much longer. Who wouldn’t want that?

So, write down a few tiny chores you think would be manageable during your at-home closing shift and see how it goes. Enjoy!

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