She Accused Her Younger Sister Of Being “Pathetic” And Having No Social Life During An Argument

Stanislava - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman and her sister, Rose, 22, have a close bond despite their differing lifestyle choices.

She describes herself as an extrovert who enjoys hanging out with her friend group nearly every other day of the week.

Once she’s done with work each day, she wants to rush home, change into a different outfit, and go make the most of her night.

In her view, Rose is on the other end of the spectrum. Rose has two close friends that she gets together with once every other week, and when she is more social, she hangs out with them once a week.

Aside from these two friends, Rose also gets together with her boyfriend, and, on occasion, her boyfriend’s friends will hang out with them, too.

Usually, Rose and her friends will go to a bar until about 10 p.m., or sometimes they go out to dinner together or shopping at HomeGoods.

Rose works 10-hour shifts, so she acknowledges that Rose might not have the energy to go out late during the week, especially when she has to work so much the following day.

“But as somebody young, I just feel bad for her that her life consists of work, going home, playing with her Guinea pigs, and going to bed. My hobbies are dancing and painting, and Rose just collects ‘vintage’ items,” she said.

Because it’s one of her interests, Rose talks about her finds with others, which sometimes include knick-knacks from 1976 that she thrifted.

Stanislava – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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