She And Her Husband Got Accused Of Playing Favorites After They Decided To Leave Most Of Their Estate To Their Eldest Daughter Since She’s More Responsible With Money

shurkin_son - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, when you’re a parent with several children and need to decide which one will handle your estate, you have to choose the one who is the most financially responsible no matter what.

One woman and her husband recently decided they’d give most of their inheritance to their eldest daughter instead of splitting it evenly between her and her younger sister because she’s more responsible with money and has been over the last few years.

She’s 52 and has two daughters with her husband, who are 31 and 27.

Her eldest daughter was a wild child growing up. As a little girl, she bounced off the walls and broke the rules. She was a rebellious teenager, which caused her and her husband a lot of stress. However, as she got older and moved out when she was 18, her eldest became a very responsible adult.

Her eldest daughter got her master’s degree in business, worked really hard, and now lives on a farm with her husband and three kids.

Her youngest daughter lives a very different adult life than her sister. She and her husband gave their youngest the same amount of money for college as their oldest, but she spent it all instead of going to school.

“My youngest lives in a camper trailer with her husband,” she said.

“They have five children, and she is pregnant again. They also have several cats and dogs. Both [of them] work, but [they] both have low-paying jobs. [They] refuse to do more.”

She and her husband pay most of their youngest’s bills, including her power, water, car insurance, and phone bills. They don’t want their grandchildren to have to suffer because of their parents being irresponsible, so they contribute whatever they can. 

shurkin_son – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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