His Girlfriend Gets Extremely Jealous, So After He Hugged A Female Coworker During A Company Dinner, She Actually Started Crying

Sergii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man and his girlfriend have been dating for nearly two months, and according to him, he really cannot complain about much in their relationship.

He thinks that his girlfriend is very selfless and caring. The only problem is that she tends to be “very clingy.”

This recently became a pretty big problem, too, when he took his girlfriend to a company dinner for his job, and she got upset by how he interacted with a female coworker.

“She gets annoyed when I look at other women,” he prefaced.

So, when he simply hugged his female coworker during the dinner, his girlfriend actually started crying. Then, she claimed that his coworker was so tall and looked like a model.

“And I’m just your average girl next door. It makes me feel lesser and unwanted,” his girlfriend said.

This is a recurring trend in their relationship as well, and he thinks his girlfriend is very self-conscious and “incredibly paranoid.”

“It requires a lot of validation and comforting to even get her back into a normal state of mind,” he explained.

As for why his girlfriend asks this way, he knows that it has something to do with either her ex or some childhood trauma. But whenever he asks, his girlfriend says she isn’t ready to talk about it “yet.”

Sergii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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