She Kicked Her Struggling Sister Out Because Her Sister’s Boyfriend Was Taking Advantage Of Her Help

sepy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’ve seen many scenarios where people invite a friend or relative to live with them temporarily while they get back on their feet, then have to kick them out because they started bringing their partner around too often.

One woman recently had to kick her younger sister out of her home because her boyfriend started staying with them, and he was very disrespectful.

She’s 29 and invited her 26-year-old sister, Sarah, to live with her after she lost her job during the pandemic. They’ve always been close, and Sarah is a strong young woman who can hold her own; she just needed some help getting back on her feet.

Unfortunately, when Sarah moved into her home, it meant that her boyfriend of nine years, Adam, would be moving in with her.

“They met in high school, and [Sarah] hasn’t been with anyone else in that time,” she said.

“Her boyfriend is a bit verbally abusive and has called her useless ever since she lost her job. She’s been trying to find another job since she is the main provider because Adam works for a nonprofit. Due to their financial situation, they moved in with me as I’m very financially stable and wanted to help in their time of need; Sarah helps with housework and is forever grateful. Meanwhile, Adam keeps degrading me, and he also has misogynistic views.”

Adam doesn’t only pick on Sarah, but he’s mean to her as well. She’s not in a relationship at the moment because she doesn’t want one, and Adam tells her she’s “too old” and has no value.

Things came to a head when she found out Adam had been spending the money she lent Sarah to use for her personal expenses.

All that, in addition to Adam’s crude comments and refusal to help around the house, made her snap.

sepy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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