She Gifted Her Close Friend $650 For Their Wedding, But Her Friend Only Gave Her A Regifted Toaster Oven, And She Feels Like It Was A Slap In The Face

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This woman and her friend got engaged around the same time and wound up tying the knot just one month apart.

However, her friend was the one who got married first. So, she and her now-husband– who was her fiancé at the time– decided to get the newlyweds a generous gift.

In fact, they actually gifted her friend $650 since she and her friend were very close, and she was even a bridesmaid at her friend’s big day.

“So, I felt like this was an appropriate amount,” she recalled.

Anyway, following her friend’s nuptials, she started preparing for her own wedding. But to her surprise, on the day of her ceremony, her friend and her friend’s husband were the only people who showed up holding an actual present.

For some context, she and her now-husband specifically asked for no presents– telling guests that their presence at the wedding was more than enough. But, they also claimed that if guests still wanted to give gifts, then just cash would be really appreciated.

Well, it seemed like her friend didn’t get the memo and instead gifted her and her husband a toaster oven. To make the present even worse, she and her husband realized that the toaster oven had been opened before– leading her to believe that her friend had regifted it from the first wedding.

“It was very clearly opened and put back in the box,” she revealed.

She was also particularly upset about the gift because following her wedding, she planned to move over 2,000 miles away. So, there was no way she would be able to travel with a ton of items– much less a toaster oven– and her friend knew about her big move.

Buyanskyy Production – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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