She Got Accused Of “Ruining” Her Friend’s Wedding Because Her Friend Expected Her And The Other Bridesmaids To Foot The Bill For Everything

Several weeks later, the maid of honor told all of the bridesmaids that they would be chipping in for the bridal shower. She demanded this rather than ask.

She and all of the other bridesmaids thought it was strange that the bride hadn’t been the one to ask them to chip in for the bridal party, but they all contributed in order to keep the bride happy so that the party would be what she envisioned.

Months after this, prior to the bachelorette party trip, the bride demanded (once again, they were asked) that the bridesmaids be responsible for paying for all of the alcohol, snacks, and decorations for the entire trip.

In total, there were 15 women attending the trip, and the majority of them weren’t bridesmaids, so this was a lot to expect the bridesmaids to take on.

“At this point, the bridesmaids asked if it was okay if each person attending the bachelorette party could bring their own alcohol/snacks,” she explained.

“The bride became upset that we were ‘ruining’ her wedding experience by having opinions and questions on everything she asked for.”

“First, there was the bridal shower, then the bachelorette party. The bride said she Googled that bridesmaids were supposed to pay for the bridal shower and that we were ‘not street smart’ for not knowing this.”

Then, the bride claimed that she had questioned her other friends outside of her bridal party, and all of these friends claimed that the bridesmaids should foot the bill for “‘everything.'”

When the bride told them that they were making her feel anxious about her wedding, they felt like they really were the ones to blame for that.

The bride added that after she got married, she would need time away from them.

After that, she and the other bridesmaids did whatever the bride wanted and didn’t argue or question anything.

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