She Received A Really Creepy Email From An Anonymous Sender Who Claimed To Be Her “Secret Admirer” And Admitted To Watching Her For A Long Time

Elena Kratovich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

On the surface, the idea of receiving an anonymous letter from a secret admirer may seem like a nice, romantic gesture, but by the time you’re a teenager, you realize that it’s just downright unsettling.

The thought of someone observing you from afar is rather frightening and will not fail to send shivers down your spine. Plus, the lack of information about the sender will have you constantly watching your back for hints of their identity and what they might want from you.

TikToker Sammi (@sincerest_sammi) recently received an eerie email from an anonymous person who introduced themselves as her “secret admirer” and stated that they had been watching her for a long time.

The email began with the sender wishing Sammi a good evening and informing her that she didn’t know them.

They referred to her as “captivating” and claimed to know how much she loved the “unknown and unexpected.”

As a result, they decided to bring another aspect of surprise to her life by sending her this email. They continued on with the letter by telling Sammi not to be afraid and revealing a little more detail about themselves.

“As I said, I have been watching you for a long time. On social media and in person. DON’T get freaked out by that; though I might sound like a stalker, I promise you I am not. I’m just a person who has a whole lot of interest and investment into you,” wrote the sender.

They added that Sammi needed to be more careful when she was out and about in public, describing her as “not very self-aware.”

They instructed her not to walk around with headphones on in case something dangerous were to happen, especially since she was a “young, attractive woman.” Then, the sender told her that no matter how hard she tried to look for them, she would not succeed.

Elena Kratovich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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