She Was Supposed To Return Home After Working A 12-Hour Shift, But Her Husband Only Found Blood And Signs Of A Struggle In Their House, And She’s Been Missing Ever Since

He then noticed Melinda’s car was parked near the house with her keys inside. After looking around the house, her cell phone and purse were found.

Troy then made calls to his mother-in-law and local hospitals to ask if they had seen Melinda, but after not getting any information, he called the police to report her missing.

Authorities immediately suspected foul play to be involved in Melinda’s disappearance, some allegedly believing she may have been abducted and assaulted while she was sleeping after her shift.

Troy was quickly taken off the suspect list for Melinda’s case as police believed he had no involvement in her disappearance.

After conducting several thorough searches throughout Alabama, police began investigating serial killer Derrick Todd Lee, who had a warrant out for his arrest after committing a series of murders only a few hundred miles away from where Melinda lived.

Although Derrick was eventually put on trial, police could never find any evidence that linked him to Melinda’s case.

A similar instance happened with Jeremy Bryan Jones, a killer who was known for targeting Caucasian women in Georgia and Alabama.

When police investigated a potential link between him and Melinda’s disappearance, they removed him as a suspect, as he had a solid alibi.

More searching and investigating have occurred since Melinda vanished, and police have even thoroughly investigated claims made on her case.

However, it’s been over 20 years, and no one can confidently say what happened to her or where her body may be.

In 2010, Alabama authorities declared Melinda dead and issued a death certificate for her. Yet that still doesn’t mean her loved ones are hoping for more information on her case, closure, and justice.

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