Iguanas Are Freezing And Falling From Trees In Southern Florida Due To The Recent Cold Snap, And While This Survival Mechanism Happens Annually, It’s Still Quite Startling

The larger the lizard, the more tolerant it is to the cold. However, even in periods of colder weather, some iguanas have figured out ways to stay warm and survive.

They are known for digging burrows as shelter to protect themselves from frigid temperatures.

Due to the climate crisis, experts believe that the frequency of falling iguanas will decrease in the coming future.

Global warming has caused temperatures to rise, so there will be fewer spells of cold in the decades ahead.

The warmer conditions will also help iguanas grow their ranks, so they definitely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

The giant lizards are here to stay, and Floridians must learn to live with them and their interesting habits.

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