She Screamed At Her Sister-In-Law For Not Eating The Cake At Her Wedding And Actually Accused Her Sister-In-Law Of Being In Love With Her Husband

From her perspective, it seemed as if her sister-in-law was envious that she’d lost a significant amount of weight while she hadn’t been able to. Since she was pretty intoxicated, she felt emboldened to talk with her husband’s sister about the issue.

“I asked her what her problem was and why she wasn’t eating the cake. She seemed offended but didn’t say anything. This upset me more, and I lost it. I told her she thinks she’s a good person when she’s really not. I also accused her of being in love with my husband,” she shared.

After that, her sister-in-law started crying and walked out of the reception. Because of the conflict, the rest of the reception was awkward.

Later, her maid of honor sent her a text to tell her that she had gone too far, and some of the wedding guests reached out to say the same thing.

Her mother-in-law stopped talking to her and her husband after the wedding, which made her wonder if she should tell her sister-in-law she was sorry for her outburst.

Apparently, her husband “agrees she’s probably in love with him,” and he told her that she shouldn’t do anything and hoped that the situation would blow over.

Do you think she was wrong to berate her sister-in-law for not eating cake at her wedding?

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