She Won’t Let Her Stepson Stay At Her House After She Caught Him Stealing Her Undergarments

My Ocean studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’ve always felt sorry for people who get married to someone with children and try to form a nice bond with their new stepkids, only to be met with a whirlwind of drama. 

One woman recently had to tell her husband and his ex-girlfriend that her stepson could not stay in their house while his mother was on a month-long trip because she caught him doing some pretty weird stuff.

She’s 32 and married her 35-year-old husband six years ago. Although they don’t have their own kids, her husband has a son from a previous relationship. His son is 16-years-old and lives with his mom, but he would occasionally go to their house for sleepovers.

“I personally never liked the boy’s behavior,” she said.

“He was a bit rude, but I never interfered with him and let his father talk with him whenever something bad happened.”

However, a few months ago, her stepson started doing something that really weirded her out. She had caught him peeking through her underwear drawer. They hardly have any kind of relationship, yet there he was, messing with her undergarments.

When her stepson realized he had been caught, he begged her not to tell his parents, and she agreed but warned him not to do it again. Unfortunately, he didn’t heed her warning. 

Eventually, a few days later, she saw her stepson hurrying out of her and her husband’s bedroom. When she went in to see what he had been doing, she noticed her underwear drawer had been left open. After doing some more digging, she saw that two of her bras had gone missing.

“I opened his school bag, saw the stolen bras, and confronted him about [them],” she recalled.

My Ocean studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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