A 12-Year-Old Girl From Australia Bravely Saved Her Pet Guinea Pig From A Snake Attack

tan4ikk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or guinea pig

Although some people will tell you that your beloved pet is “just a pet” and that you should never jeopardize your safety to save them from harm, many of us would go to the ends of the earth to protect our furry friends.

One young girl in Australia recently went viral after security cameras captured footage of her bravely saving her beloved guinea pig from a scary snake attack.

Rosie Wightman is a 12-year-old from Australia who owns guinea pigs that she loves very much, one of them being named MaxiBon. MaxiBon lives in a nice outdoor cage but can roam around Rosie’s backyard during certain parts of the day.

A few weeks ago, while MaxiBon was roaming around the backyard, Rosie noticed it was getting dark outside, and she needed to put MaxiBon away for safety.

However, just as she went to pick him up, she heard him let out some distraught squeaks and saw the terrifying sight of a python wrapping itself around his neck.

Acting on impulse and bravery, Rosie grabbed the snake and began swinging it around in a circle, hoping it would let go of MaxiBon. The snake was holding MaxiBon by the leg as her family rushed out of the house to help her.

With a little extra shaking from her Dad, Rosie’s force got the snake to drop MaxiBon, who scurried back into the bushes as her dad tossed the snake onto the other side of their yard.

Rosie later told news outlets that she had known the snake was not poisonous and safe to grab after living on a farm with her family, where she encountered many pythons. The moment she realized the snake that had MaxiBon wasn’t poisonous, she sprung into action.

Despite the traumatic chaos, MaxiBon and Rosie’s other guinea pigs were safe and brought inside to sleep with Rosie.

tan4ikk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or guinea pig

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