English Country Design Welcomes An Air Of Rustic Simplicity Mixed With Understated Sophistication: Here’s How To Achieve This Style In Your Own Home

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When you think about the English countryside, you probably picture a majestic, charming landscape consisting of rolling green hills, stately manor houses, small villages dotted with picturesque cottages, and horses and sheep grazing in pastures.

The English country design style brings all that beauty indoors, seamlessly blending the elements of rustic simplicity and graceful sophistication. In this world, elegance meets warmth, and history can be found in every nook and cranny.

English country design captures the essence of country living with its emphasis on comfort, tradition, and understated luxury. Today, we’ll be exploring the key characteristics of the style and how to incorporate it into your home.

Comfort reigns supreme with this design style. Homes decorated in English country style should feel like they’re inviting you to plop down on the couch and slouch into a seat. There should be multiple spots throughout the house to relax in.

Plush, overstuffed sofas and cushioned chairs set in front of a stone fireplace will really contribute to the coziness factor.

English country spaces feel warm and welcoming because of the textures layered in each room. Natural fibers, organic materials, upholstered furniture, and blankets will help the living space exude softness, peace, and calm.

A rug made of natural fibers, along with wood and stone pieces, are core elements. The addition of heavy drapery will pull the whole look together.

The aesthetic is centuries old, and it wasn’t so much considered an aesthetic since it was really just the result of years of accumulation in country homes across several generations. Over the years, the look has evolved, but the idea of tradition has remained intact. Antique furniture pieces are still highly coveted and coupled with more modern features.

Expect to see walls lined with bookshelves and various selections of paintings being displayed. A room should be filled with items, but not to the point where it feels uncomfortable and stuffy.

Astronaut Images/KOTO – – illustrative purposes only

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