Every 30 Seconds, There’s A Home Invasion In The U.S., So Here Are Some DIY Home Security Hacks To Keep You Safe Without Breaking The Bank

Put Tools And Ladders Away

Do not leave your tools or ladders lying around. Not only will they succumb to nature’s elements and be rendered less effective, but they will also provide an easy way for trespassers to sneak into your home.

All they have to do is grab your ladder, maneuver the lock, and climb into your window. Store your tools and ladder in a locked shed or garage to make it more difficult for a break-in to occur.

Fortify Your Doors And Windows

Strengthen your home’s defenses by reinforcing all the entry points. To make sure your doors and windows are secure, install deadbolt locks on exterior doors and add door jamb reinforcement kits to prevent anyone from forcing their way in.

For windows, secure them with window locks or bars. You can also cover the glass panes with security film to make them more resistant to breakage.

Use Strategic Lighting

You can illuminate the outside of your home with smart lightbulbs to scare off intruders and enhance visibility. Additionally, motion-activated lights can make it look like you’re in the kitchen when you’re actually on vacation on another continent.

You can program them to turn on during certain times of the day or access the lights through an app so it doesn’t look like they’re on a set timer. These lights require very little maintenance and can be easily installed without any professional assistance.

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