Spice Up Your Garden This Spring By Planting These Five Exotic And Unusual Herbs

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As the frost of winter melts and days start to grow longer, gardeners everywhere are just itching to dig their hands back into some soil again.

But spring is not just a time for the usual suspects like basil and parsley. Instead, it’s the perfect season to experiment with some unique and intriguing herbs that can bring a whole new world of flavors and benefits to your garden.

So, this year, why not step outside your comfort zone and plant something a little different? To help get you started, here are five unusual herbs with rich histories and uses.

Costmary: The Bible Leaf Herb

Costmary, often known as “Bible Leaf,” is an herb that hails from the Mediterranean region.

This perennial was traditionally used as a bookmark in Bibles, which is how it got its nickname. Its leaves also have a sweet, balsamic fragrance and were once used in ale before hops became popular.

Costmary thrives in well-drained soil and partial shade, making it a great addition to a garden that doesn’t get full sun all day. It’s quite drought-tolerant once established, too, so don’t worry if you forget to water it now and then.

You can then use its leaves in teas and salads to add a subtle but minty flavor to your meals.


Gorilla – – illustrative purposes only

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