She Found Out Her Husband Had Been Having An Affair With His Female Coworker, So She Teamed Up With His Coworker’s Husband To Gather Evidence And Wound Up Cheating, Too

AlexGukalovUkraine - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 32-year-old woman and her husband, Bautista, 35, have been married for five years. They have a 4-year-old daughter named Luz. She and Bautista were in a relationship for two years before marriage. For a while, their relationship was wonderful.

A while ago, a man named Marcos, 32, got in touch with her to see if she was available to meet up. Marcos told her he had some urgent news for her. Before this meetup, she hadn’t met or known of Marcos before. However, when she got together with him, he was visibly distraught.

“He told me my husband and his wife, Kiara, 34, had been having an affair for about two months. He showed me the screenshots of texts they had been sending,” she said.

She was understandably shattered and in complete disbelief. Sadly, one of her good friends had died only about two months before learning about Bautista’s affair, so she was already going through a tough time. After learning that he was cheating, she was in an even darker place. Bautista and Kiara worked together at their law firm for around a year.

Initially, she sobbed and processed her emotions before accepting the truth. Throughout the next several days, Marcos reached out to her to see how she was doing, which she was grateful for. Eventually, she reached out to him for assistance. Since both of their spouses had an affair with each other and were both lawyers, Bautista and Kiara could be sneaky and manipulate the facts.

Even though she and Marcos were crushed about their spouses’ betrayal, they were also concerned about their children (Marcos and Kiara had a child together, too). So, she and Marcos plotted to catch Bautista and Kiara actively engaging in their affair so that they had undeniable proof.

Over time, she and Marcos had constant conversations and began hanging out often to socialize. They then built a strong friendship, but she later noticed that she had a crush on Marcos.

“I was falling out of love with my husband each day. Marcos confessed he had been falling for me. I told him I was, too, and we kissed. It was amazing, but I couldn’t help but feel guilty,” she explained.

She and Marcos decided that they wouldn’t do anything physical again until they separated from their spouses. They both knew it wasn’t a good idea to begin a relationship with an affair. So, they found the proof they’d been hoping for, and each found great divorce lawyers.

AlexGukalovUkraine – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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