Give Common Household Items A Second Life With These Clever Tips For Repurposing Everything From Disposable Razors And Old Newspaper To Wine Corks And Lotion Bottles

Keep Old Newspaper Around

After scanning the news and filling out the crossword, your newspaper has finished performing its duty, which is to inform and entertain. Beyond its intended purpose, newspapers actually have a lot of untapped potential.

Old newspapers can be handy around wintertime. Instead of throwing them away, lay a few pieces on the windshield of your car to prevent ice from forming.

Collect Wine Corks For Crafts

If you’re a wine enthusiast, it might seem like there’s never enough wine, but always way too many wine bottles going to waste.

To reduce waste, collect the wine corks and use them in a variety of DIY projects. Their unique texture makes them a fantastic material for crafts.

From coasters and keychains to planters and birdhouses, the possibilities are as diverse as your imagination allows.

Use Cereal Liner Bags For Cakes

Using cereal liner bags for baking is a clever and eco-friendly way to make the most out of something that is typically regarded as trash. These food-grade plastic storage bags can be turned into piping bags used for frosting cakes.

Just rinse and dry the bag, scoop some frosting into one of the bottom corners, and snip the corner to squeeze out the frosting.

The thin, flexible nature of cereal bags also works well as a barrier to prevent burger patties from sticking together.

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