Her Husband Nearly Died At Work And They’ve Been Struggling To Financially Recover Ever Since, Yet She Never Told Him About Her $47,000 “Escape Fund”

Africa Studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 34-year-old woman and her husband, 37, have been married for seven years and together for eight years.

After the wedding, her mom had a private chat with her, advising that she keep an emergency fund secret from her husband, just in case their marriage got so bad that she needed to leave him immediately.

Even though her husband has never given off any red flags indicating that he has issues with anger, her mother gave the impression that she should do so no matter how wonderful her husband was.

She and her husband are child-free, and when they first started dating, they both were on the same page about her being a stay-at-home wife when they got married.

Her husband earns six figures, so they were financially comfortable living on his income. Everything was fine until two years ago.

“He was injured at work in a near-fatal accident. Between hospital bills and a lawsuit that we lost, that ate up nearly all of our savings,” she said.

As her husband healed from his injuries, she began working part-time. Once he was completely healed, she quit her job because he assured her that it was his duty to financially support them.

Now, he’s working two jobs full-time and as an Uber driver on his days off so that they can build their savings back up.

“I do all of the expense managing and have continued to put money into my ‘escape account,’ although I significantly decreased from $750 a month to just $200 a month. My husband came home exhausted one night and asked about downsizing because the stress of work was going to kill him,” she explained.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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