Her Parents Adopted A Raccoon And Named Him “Little Rick” After He Kept Showing Up On Her Their Porch For Food Every Day

Alexander - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual raccoon

I have always loved stories of people who rescued or cared for wounded animals and ended up making them a permanent part of their family; this story is no exception.

Stacy J Rost (@StacyRost), a Seattle sports radio host, has captured millions of hearts after posting about her parents’ experiences caring for and spiritually adopting a little raccoon named ‘Little Rick’ on X.

“My parents had to put their dog down two years ago, and it’s been really hard on them,” wrote Stacy in her most viral post about Little Rick.

“Unfortunately, my stepdad, Rick, has found the worst way to cope: feeding a one-year-old raccoon and letting him live on their porch.”

Stacy’s stepdad named the raccoon Little Rick and has fed him several meals daily. Little Rick first started arriving at her parents’ house when he was quite tiny and had an injured leg. Once Little Rick noticed Stacy’s family was willing to feed him and nourish him, he started coming by their house routinely for some food.

Little Rick and Rick have formed quite a wholesome relationship, and Little Rick has gotten comfortable enough around him that they can be on the porch together at the same time.

Since first posting about Little Rick in late December, Stacy’s posts on X have gone extremely viral with over 20 million views, and she hasn’t stopped giving Little Rick fans the content they have been begging for. 

On her X profile, viewers can find tons of pictures and videos of Little Rick and how her parents have spoiled him. It isn’t just Rick who’s in love with Little Rick – Sarah’s mom spoils him too.

“My mom claims she’s against this because he’s a wild animal and dirty, but she’s lowkey in cahoots,” wrote Sarah on X.

Alexander – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual raccoon

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