Her Sister’s Boyfriend Pocketed $120 In Cash Tips That Everyone Left For Their Server At A Group Dinner

Monkey Business - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Have you ever had a friend or someone handle an expense for a group of people only to drop the ball or scam everyone?

One woman was angry after discovering her sister’s boyfriend had pocketed the cash tips their friend group had left for their server at a recent dinner. 

She and her sister live in different states but visit each other whenever possible. She recently found out her sister started dating a guy who’s been in her college friend group for some time, so on her recent visit to a city near her sister, she got to know him.

“This past weekend, I was in a city near hers and called to see if she wanted to meet up,” she recalled.

“She had plans with her friends, so she invited me to come along, which I did. We had a fun day with the group and eventually went to dinner. Nothing was out of the ordinary until the check came.”

Her sister’s boyfriend took the check, announcing the total and how much each person would have to pay to split the bill. Everyone owed $10 on the tip.

Her sister’s boyfriend put down his credit card and asked everyone to hand him cash. She thought this was odd, but her sister explained her boyfriend does this often as he doesn’t like to go to the bank for cash.

She didn’t think any more of it and handed her sister’s boyfriend some cash. The next day, before meeting up with her sister for lunch, she realized she left her sunglasses at the restaurant they went to for dinner and returned to get them.

“I was greeted by the same server, but this time, she looked angry,” she recalled.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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