He’s Set To Inherit $2 Million From His Family’s Estate And Is Insisting On Getting A Prenup, But His Partner Thinks He’s Already Doubting Their Relationship

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This man comes from a wealthy family and earns an impressive salary. He makes $250,000 a year. Not long ago, he came into $100,000 in family money; in the future, he’ll inherit $2 million from his family’s estate.

His family has put in a lot of effort to achieve this wealth, and it’s a legacy that’s been passed down for generations.

He and his partner have been dating for the last five years and recently got engaged. Because of his family’s wealth and the inheritance involved, he broached the idea of drafting a prenup.

He clarified that he deeply loves his partner and is committed, but he’s heard of several situations involving this scenario where marriages didn’t end well.

Without prenups, couples run the risk of being heartbroken and losing their wealth. His partner earns $120,000 per year.

During the conversation about signing a prenuptial agreement, he explained that he needed to legally protect his incoming inheritance, and in response, his partner was shocked and upset.

“They saw it as a sign of mistrust as if I were already hedging bets against our union,” he said.

Since this initial conversation, he and his partner have had numerous arguments in which both of them were hurt.

In his view, his partner was being harsh during these fights because it seemed like they were questioning whether he loved and trusted them. His partner even questioned how secure their relationship was.

lobodaphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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