She Feels Like She Was Catfished By A Guy She Met On A Dating App, But She’s Also Not Sure If She’s Being Too Superficial

romeof - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is 30-years-old, and for the past three years, she has been using dating apps on and off.

She recently matched with a new guy, too, who was 35-years-old. Now, she obviously “swiped right,” meaning that she was definitely attracted to him based on his photos.

Then, once they matched, they started talking via text, and everything seemed great.

“We had a natural chemistry, shared values, and goals,” she recalled.

However, her feelings about the guy completely changed once they decided to hop on a FaceTime call one day.

Now, to be clear, she claimed that she did not expect the guy to look exactly how he did in his photos. After all, no one ever looks 100% the same in pictures.

Nonetheless, she was still shocked by how different the man looked during their video chat. According to her, he was a bit heavier than in his photos. Plus, he didn’t have a lot of hair, and his teeth were what she called “wonky.”

“He didn’t have any smiling pictures on his profile, so this one’s my fault, I suppose,” she explained.

Additionally, she thought the guy had much less facial hair than on his profile, which she acknowledges is an “easy fix” by simply growing it out.

romeof – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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