His Dad Asked To Borrow Money To Pay For His Stepdaughter’s Birthday Presents, But He Said No

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This 17-year-old guy’s mom and dad got divorced not too long ago, and when that happened, his dad really messed up their family.

His dad got himself into an enormous amount of debt and dumped it on his mom to deal with amid the divorce.

His mom is a stay-at-home mom who had no way to make any money of her own, so it really hurt her to be saddled with a ton of debt.

As for why his mom never had a job, it was because his dad was pretty controlling and never wanted his mom to work outside of taking care of their family home.

Since he’s the oldest child in his family, it wasn’t hard for him to figure out what was going on. Also, ever since he was 10, his dad made him get a job to financially help support their household, which made his mom livid.

“While still in debt and not even formally divorced from my mom, [my] dad met his current wife and moved her and her three kids into the house he was renting,” he explained.

“They got married days after the divorce was finalized and wasted money my dad did not have. When I was 15, I asked [my] mom if she would feel comfortable with asking for full custody of me. She said of course, and she refused to let me help with money (I had a small part-time job at the time).”

His mom was awarded full custody, but as for his younger sisters, they still had to spend time with their dad.

After his mom got full custody of him, he stopped speaking to his dad, though he has to wait one more year until he can finally cut him out of his life for good.

bearinmind – – illustrative purposes only

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