It Only Takes A Few Small Tweaks To Transform The Look Of Your Bed And Style A Super Cozy Sleep Space

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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how much a well-decorated bed can transform a bedroom.

You may think that making your bed look aesthetically pleasing doesn’t really matter, especially if you’re the only person hanging out in your bedroom. Still, I promise that once you give your bed a makeover, the vibe of your bedroom will change entirely.

A well-decorated bed is especially important if you live in a studio apartment where your bed is seen by anyone who enters your home.

You can make a few small changes and additions to transform the look of your bed and make your bedroom so much more inviting and cozy.

First things first, you have to get great sheets. Just because your sheets may not be visible after you make your bed with your comforter, pillows, and a throw blanket doesn’t mean they’re unimportant.

When I finally treated myself to a nice pair of sheets that were my favorite color and extremely comfortable, soft, and high-quality, I thought, “Why haven’t I done this sooner?”

Investing in good sheets is never a bad idea, as a comfortable base makes a comfortable bed. Pick out a high-quality set that comes in a color that makes you feel happy and relaxed.

The same goes for pillows. We’ll get into decorative pillows later, but be attentive to what pillows you pick out for sleeping. They need to be supportive, comfortable, and long-lasting. I’m a fan of down pillows, but you can look into memory foam, wool pillows, etc.

Once you’ve covered your comfy sheets and pillows in the sheet’s pillowcases, it’s time to up your comforter game. If you want to stick to one great comforter, that’s great, but you can also add more depth and dimension to the overall look of your bed by layering blankets.

FollowTheFlow – – illustrative purposes only

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