She Insisted On Playing The Piano For Her Sister’s Wedding Ceremony Instead Of Letting Her 14-Year-Old Sister Do It, And Now Her Mom’s Making Her Feel Really Guilty

Marius Venter/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While it’s cute to allow your younger relatives to shine during family events, there are some more serious events where an adult should handle any performances, speeches, or special tributes. 

One woman is starting to feel guilty after insisting that she play the piano during her sister’s wedding, even though her younger sister expressed interest in doing it.

She’s 22 and has played the piano for an impressive 17 years. Although she no longer takes piano lessons, she practices daily and is very experienced. Her 24-year-old sister Katie recently got married, and months before the wedding, she was asked to play the piano as Katie walked down the aisle during her ceremony.

“I happily agreed,” she said.

“We are very close, and I was ecstatic to be able to do something for her. My younger sister, Tina, who I am also very close to, started taking piano lessons last year. She is doing very well for the length of time she’s been playing. The day after Katie asked me to play, Tina independently offered to play for her.”

Although Tina is doing well with her piano lessons, she’s only 14 and doesn’t have nearly as much experience as her. If Tina played the wedding, she’d do a very basic rendition of a song she can play beautifully and elaborately. 

Katie told Tina that although she appreciated her offer, she had already confirmed who the piano player would be. However, Katie did tell Tina that if she decided not to play the piano at the wedding anymore, Tina could do it instead.

When their mom heard about the situation, she told her she should give up her role as the wedding pianist and let Tina do it. She told her mom no, as she and Katie had already figured out exactly the vibe she wanted during the ceremony, and Tina wouldn’t be able to play as well as her.

“My mom and later, my aunt told me that I should just drop out because having Tina play would be more meaningful, as she is younger,” she recalled.

Marius Venter/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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