She Saved Up For Years To Afford A Dream European Vacation, But Her Husband Never Applied For A Visa, So Now She Wants To Just Go By Herself

fabrizio - - illustrative purposes only

Ever since this 39-year-old woman was a little girl, she has dreamed of traveling to Europe.

But, she didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so she had to work hard in order to climb the corporate ladder and earn a good salary.

Then, once she started bringing home enough money, she was able to finally start saving up and working toward fulfilling her lifelong traveling dream.

However, she’s currently married to her husband– who is 43– and she is also the “head of the household.”

“Meaning I handle 90% of the expenses at home to support my husband’s dream of building his company, and that leaves me with little money to save for anything,” she explained.

But, after enduring countless struggles and making a lot of sacrifices, she and her husband’s finances are finally in a “great” spot. In other words, she thought it was finally time to take their long trip to Europe together.

Everything is totally prepared, too. She can get free plane tickets using her credit card points, and she has already been approved for PTO at work. Plus, she learned French and Italian to help them along on their travels, and she has enough money saved up to support both her and her husband as they enjoy the vacation. 

There’s one main issue with her plan, though: her husband is not a U.S. citizen and requires a visa to travel abroad, which he never actually got.

For some context, they have both known for years that he needed a visa, and they talked about it when they first discussed traveling to Europe together. So, she has been constantly reminding him to check on the visa application requirements so it could be processed in time for their trip.

fabrizio – – illustrative purposes only

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