She’s Disappointed That Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her With Earrings Instead Of A Ring

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For more than a year now, this 26-year-old woman has been dating her boyfriend, who is her age. Yesterday after she got done with work, her boyfriend came to pick her up, like he normally does.

As they were walking over to her boyfriend’s car, he pulls out a little box. She was so surprised and could feel herself beginning to cry.

She thought he was proposing and that he was about to open the box and show her the engagement ring he picked out.

“Then he opens it….it was earrings. Now, if we had a conversation about what jewelry I preferred, I would’ve told him a ring. But we didn’t, so I brushed it off,” she explained.

“I asked him if this is what he was planning all day. He says, “No, I was going to just buy myself earrings from Macy’s, but then I decided I wanted to get you some too!” Okay….ironically enough, this is all happening in a Macy’s parking lot.”

“After I heard him say that my mind went into a spiral. So I was just an “afterthought?” You didn’t go out of your way to plan something? And he really didn’t. After the proposal. That was it.”

When they got home, they completed their same routine that they do every single evening before going to bed.

She doesn’t feel like it was a real proposal, nor does she feel loved or appreciated. She has not decided to tell her boyfriend yet about how disappointed she is.

What’s strange to her is that they have previously talked about getting engaged, and she revealed to him what her perfect proposal would look like.

fotofabrika – – illustrative purposes only

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