She Went On A Bad First Date With A Guy Who Was Angry She Was 10 Minutes Late To The Restaurant Even Though He Changed The Time Last-Minute

They went back and forth for a bit, with her asking him to leave and him refusing to. The exchange ended with them sitting in silence as she ate.

Finally, she decided to be the bigger person and apologized for whatever it was she had said to make him so upset. He gladly accepted the apology and then offered to take her out for cupcakes after dinner.

Leyla was confused because it was like a switch had been flipped. He had just been furious with her not even a few minutes ago but was now acting super nice.

She turned down his idea and informed him that she would be walking home. He insisted on driving her, refusing to take no for an answer. So, she got into his car, and they made the short drive back to her apartment.

As she sat in his car, waiting for him to unlock the door so she could leave, he started massaging her neck out of nowhere.

He wouldn’t stop when she asked him to and tried to convince her to stay in the car. Then, he gave her a gift, which turned out to be a Fruit Roll-up.

He wanted her to eat it, but she declined. Next, he asked her to massage a spot on his forehead. By then, she was terrified, so she did what he requested.

Luckily, she could see her doorman from where she was sitting, so she made eye contact with him, trying to signal to him that she needed assistance. When the doorman started to approach the vehicle, she pointed him out and said she had to go.


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