Her Dad Called Her Mom When He Found Out She Was Engaged To Another Man, But Her Mom Never Knew About The Call And Went Through With The Wedding

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Every couple has a story of how they came to be together. TikToker Chloe Shepard (@chloesheparddd) is discussing her parents’ love story in a stitched video, elaborating on another TikTok video where she participated in the “Roman Empire” trend, in which she mentioned her parents’ relationship.

In the text overlay of the initial video, she wrote, “My Roman Empire is how my dad called my mom immediately when he heard she was engaged to another man.”

Providing further context, in a smaller text, read the words, “And she never knew he called, so she went through with the wedding.”

In the stitched video, she offered more detail about her parents’ love story. Her mom and dad met when they were 16. She described her dad as fitting into the “bad boy” stereotype, while her mom had the personality of a “good girl.”

They were from two different worlds and also went to different high schools. They fell in love at first sight and were in an on-and-off relationship for two years afterward.

“They were kind of on a rollercoaster, but they were always so filled with passion, and they loved hard, and they fought hard. But they would always come back to each other whenever they, like, break up or take a break,” explained Chloe.

This dynamic of theirs continued until Chloe’s dad had to leave for two years to go on a mission trip. During that period of time, her mom and dad had little to no contact with each other.

That was when Chloe’s mom got engaged to another guy. Her dad found out about the news of her engagement when he called her house.

At the time, she wasn’t home, so her mom answered the phone. She told him it would be best if he didn’t call back.

Alinnan – – illustrative purposes only

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