She Went On A Date With An Man Who Forced Her To Drink Even Though She Was Underage, Wouldn’t Stop Talking About Himself, And Even Pushed Himself On Her

And what’s more, he kept trying to get her to go to a bar with him even after she told him she was 19. She felt super uncomfortable and wanted to leave, so she announced that she needed to use the bathroom.

By the time she was back from the bathroom, the check had arrived. He stared at her as if he wanted her to pay, even though he was the one who had asked her out. After a short staring contest, he finally paid, and they left the restaurant.

As soon as they stepped outside, he brought up going to a bar again. She was so fed up that she told him she was going home, so he quickly changed his tune and suggested that she buy him ice cream. Chloe was so tired that she didn’t have the energy to object.

After she bought him what he asked for, he started kissing her out of nowhere. She turned her face away, but he didn’t stop, so she had to push him away.

It was then that he got the hint. But before the date ended, he wanted to stop at a deli to grab something. Along the way, he yapped on and on about himself.

She wanted him to quit talking so badly that she asked if he wanted her to introduce him to her friend that she just made up on the spot.

He asked if her friend was Korean and if she only dated Korean guys. When she said no, he got mad that she wanted to introduce him to such a bimbo.


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