One Of The Worst Dates Of Her Life Included The Time A Guy Accused Her Of Coming Out Of A Coffee Shop Bathroom With A Random Man

K Abrahams/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Embarking on the journey of dating often feels like stepping into a minefield, where every step has the potential for disaster.

While some dates are filled with laughter and romance, others can quickly turn into catastrophes that leave lasting impressions for all the wrong reasons.

A creator named Kimberly (@therealkimberlydworthy) is delving into the stories of the two worst dates of her life.

One of them occurred when she was dating a guy who was relatively wealthy. He liked to flaunt his wealth, always bragging about his car and talking about how much money he made.

They had gone on a couple of dates already. The dates hadn’t been the best, but they were nowhere near as bad as what was to come.

So, one day, they went to a very fancy and expensive restaurant. However, his behavior was the total opposite of classy.

From the start, he was extremely rude to the waitstaff. He was condescending, made constant demands, and was just outright disrespectful.

Kimberly was shocked and wondered if he had been trying to impress her. If so, it definitely did not work because that was the last date they ever went on.

Her second worst date was with a guy she met on a dating site, and they made plans to meet up at a coffee shop.

K Abrahams/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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