Her Husband Has Been Cheating On Her With Men For Close To A Decade

Andriy Stefanyshyn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Yesterday evening, this 35-year-old woman’s life came crashing down after she discovered that her 38-year-old husband has been cheating on her with men for close to a decade.

They have a child together who is almost three, and she’s currently pregnant with their second baby.

She found this all out after she went downstairs in their home last night, and her husband quickly put his phone away.

She snatched her husband’s phone to see what he was hiding and came across his secret social media accounts filled with steamy messages between him and younger men.

Last year, while her husband was in a different country, he hooked up with one of the guys in his messages. He also cheated every chance he got on bachelor party trips or vacations.

On one occasion, he slept with a guy while the two of them were on vacation with her family right before they got married, and he invited this guy back to the resort they stayed at. Even when she was away for work, her husband couldn’t resist inviting guys over to their home.

Her husband then admitted to her that he’s been interested in men as well as women all along, but he didn’t feel brave enough to tell her over the years.

Pretty much ever since they started dating, her husband was going out with random guys he met through an app to sleep with. He claims that out of “respect” for her, he only cheated with guys instead of women too.

All the guys her husband has gone for are in their 20s and super handsome. Her husband maintains the hookups are meaningless; he’s safe while engaging with other people, and he simply did it because he wanted to feel wanted and get more attention.

Andriy Stefanyshyn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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